We value Prayer

We believe the greatest thing a church can do for a person is to assist them in developing a true prayer life. We have family prayer every Saturday night as well as pre-service prayer meetings. It is our desire to be a praying church.

We value the work of Gods Spirit

We encourage the operation of the Spirit of the Lord in the church. We seek to be a church that is both filled with the Spirit and led by the Spirit of the Lord.

We value Bible Teaching

The Bible is our manual for life. One of the most important things a church can do for people is to teach them how to read the Bible for themselves. Because we value teaching, we take time on Sunday Morning and on Wednesday night for Bible teaching. We also teach Home Bible studies and small group Bible studies that lead people though the Word systematically on a very practical and personal level.

We value Discipleship

We are in Ames, Iowa for the purpose of making disciples. We believe that you get the most out of life when you have a mentor in front of you and a disciple behind you. We believe that we are designed to be constantly growing in the Lord. As such, we teach a new life class as well as a discover ministry class to assist disciples in this spiritual journey.

We value Children and Students

Children and students are important at New Life Church. We have strong Sunday School and student ministry programs that bring the Word of God to children and students on their level. Our goal is not just to teach them Bible stories, but to also teach them Bible principles. A comprehensive overview of scripture and its principles grounds them in their faith and sets them on a path to follow the leading of God’s Spirit through their formative, high school, and college years.

We value Team Ministry

There is no “one” important person in this church. We value spiritual leadership and leaders that cultivate a culture of team ministry. We are fortunate to have strong spiritual leaders at New Life Church that have found their God-given place of ministry and are helping others to do the same.

We value North American and Global Missions

Our desire is to see our part of North America reached through efforts originating in Ames, Iowa. We have a vision to help plant new churches in the surrounding communities and are actively engaged in this effort. We also value Global Missions and continue to be a church that prays for global revival and sends financial support overseas.